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In 2017 the Ghanaian government unveiled a program to make public school free for all students. However, school does not come without associated costs (even for the impoverished), and many students cease attending school upon reaching middle school or high school. Additionally, at the high school level overcrowding is a major concern that can lead to increased competition for finite classroom space. Students in poorer communities are exceedingly less like to be admitted to high school due to low exam scores and lack of access to extra educational support. SSEP offers scholarships to select children that would not otherwise have such an opportunity to attend school.

Our holistic scholarships are based on individual need and are inclusive of but not limited to all school related fees, uniforms, textbooks, health care for the student and their siblings, transportation to and from school, tutoring and additional family support throughout the school year.

We offer paid internship opportunities for select scholarship students during school breaks. After graduation from high school, internships are available to students which include competitive stipends, as well as college fund contributions to further support them in their transition to Higher Education .