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Buy neurontin without perscription, Mg of neurontin

Sub Saharan Education Project, a charity that supports women and children’s educational advancement in Ghana began to address the challenges women and children experience due to insufficient educational institutions and resources, substandard living conditions and inaccessible health services. With few resources and capital, we began a grassroots movement to make a difference and over the past eight years our work has steadily spread throughout some of Ghana’s poorest neighborhoods, one community at a time.


The problems facing these communities are complex but we came up with a simple solution: Identify the barriers to education and address them head on. Our non-profit cultivates partnerships with marginalized communities in Ghana, invests in local resources and helps to provide education to women and children living in extreme poverty.


To enrich the lives of women and children by increasing access to community
based educational opportunities.


Women and children will be able to access opportunities to transform their lives, achieve their goals, and improve the communities in which they reside

The MISSION of SSEP is accomplished through:

  • Providing scholarships to select middle, high school and college students
  • Offering one-year, full-time, paid internships to scholarship student graduates
  • Building schools where none exist
  • Providing vocational programs for women in select communities
  • Providing infrastructure support for schools
  • Educational enrichment programs
  • Medical Outreach

Programs consist of skill building vocational training for women to produce locally hand-crafted African jewelry. Vocational training is free and students are paid for their work. We facilitate the export and sale of the handmade goods and reinvests the proceeds into the communities where they originated through infrastructure development including school construction, classroom renovations such as painting and repairs, constructing libraries and building restrooms and supply provision.

We also offer a comprehensive scholarship program for younger students inclusive of support for the entire family, not just the child receiving the scholarship. Scholarships are inclusive of school fees, uniforms, books, school supplies and other support such as health insurance and health stipends for the scholarship student and their siblings.

And we don’t stop there. We facilitate weekly tutoring classes for children in our partner schools. We offer internship programs to high school graduates. We organize monthly medical outreach programs open to thousands of students and teachers, providing access to free basic medical treatments and preventative care including basic check-ups, wound care, health care education, mentoring sessions, and the provision of health-related materials.